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Dave Sheegog
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I will attempt to bring past posts over from Burnsland.com. I will note the date of the original post. I am not quite sure how to bring the images so be patient with me.


Nov. 18, 2009


Today I finished the CAD work for the Grand Canyon. I dropped off the material with the laser guy and it should be ready next week. I am quite excited about this one because it is completely from the ground up scratch built. No compromises so far. Here's where I need some help. I have laid out the interior with "benches" facing in. These look to be actually leather (or Naugahyde) seats with arm rests separating them. If this coach actually accommodated 48 passengers and the overall length was 37'-9" then each seat was only about 1'-6" wide less the width of the partition separating each one. This seams quite tight. I do not recall ever seeing the interior of this car. All I have is this picture. Can anyone shed any light on this?



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Hi David, I'm trying to recreate a lilly belle coach and notice on burnsland that you had already a pdf file for the decals for the lilly belle for a bachmann coach.......I would really APPRECIATE if you would consider sharing the file with me.......I tried locating a lilly belle but either they cost 800 on ebay or gold coast station has it for 650.......I just don't have the budget for it.......I already recreated in my attic a Ward Kimbal back yard layout with the Emma Nevada, Chloe, and Olamana. and rr concepts auto control modules.   I wanted to make my own Ward kimball from a Hartland Forney and a lilly belle coach for this layout as well.....at least thats my goal!

thanks in advance

Joseph Carfagno

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