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Open Houses

We try to host approximately 6-8 Open Houses in the Fall and another 6-8 in the Spring. If you would like to be notified of  Open House dates, simply subscribe below, and I will send out notification when we will be taking reservations. Listed below are our tentatively scheduled Open Houses.



Saturday  May 4, 2024               1:00-4:00

Sunday   May 5, 2024                1:00-4:00

Saturday  May 18, 2024             1:00-4:00

Sunday   May 19, 2024              1:00-4:00

Saturday  May 25, 2024            1:00-4:00

Sunday    May 26, 2024            1:00-4:00

Saturday  June 1, 2024            1:00-4:00

Sunday    June 2, 2024            1:00-4:00

Open Houses are open to all ages and are always free of charge. There are 2 steps in the front yard and 2 steps in the back yard for those with accessibility concerns. We usually have water on warm days and there is a "Scavenger Hunt" flyer to test even the most die hard Disney fans to see if they can find all of the Disney films showcased on the railroad.

​Due to limited parking and the fact that we want your visit to be delightful in all ways, we limit the attendance for any one date to 250 persons. To monitor this we are using the web site Eventbrite. Approximately 2 weeks before the first open house of the series, I will send out a notification that we will be accepting reservations. If you would like to attend, after I send out notification that we are accepting reservations, just go to Eventbrite by pressing the "REGISTER FOR AN OPEN HOUSE"  button below. Once there, you can choose a date that still has openings and you can let us know how many persons are in your party.  Be sure to be quick as the spots usually fill up in less than an hour.


Notify Me of Open House Registrations
and Web Site Updates!

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